I’m a multidisciplinary artist who makes 3D creation, animation, videos, projections, design & basic programming. Lots of things to sum up. I try to manage my projects by myself, from scratch. On the other side, I really appreciate working in a team, making collaboration or just contact when I’ve the opportunity.

I’m also kind of a photographer. For me, it’s more than a hobby. For my job, I sometime cover corporate events, by taking photos & videos. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to make photo projects on my spare time. I’ll maybe fix that in the future !

My main skills

As said earlier, my main skills are 3D modeling & texturing. I use a few software like Blender , Maya or Cinema 4D for the 3D part. For the textures, I mainly use Substance Painter and Photoshop/Illustrator.


Another thing is that I’m a geek & a huge fan of Star Wars, so don’t be surprised when seeing my projects.

Since I was 4 or 5, I play video games. I learned a lot of thing when playing games, I grew up with controllers in my hands. Now, I use to PC gaming, but I still play with my little brother on the console.