I’m a multidisciplinary artist who practice 3D, animation, videos, video projections, design and programming. Lots of things in short. That mean I try to manage my projects by myself, from scratch. On the other side, I really appreciate working in a team, making collaboration or just contact.

My main skill?

As said earlier, my main skill are 3D modeling and texturing. I use several software like Blender , Maya and Cinema 4D for the 3D part. For the textures, I use Substance Painter and Photoshop.

One year ago, I started to 3D print with my Creality Ender 3  printer. I slowly begin to make project using 3D printing methods.

What kind of programming I do ?

I often use Processing for my interactive projects, it’s quite intuitive and relatively simple. I make Object-oriented programming (or OOP). I also use PureData, that I put in relation with Processing. I can code in HTML, CSS and with a bit of Javascript, for web purpose.


I’m someone who try and do a lot of things, I can’t stay in place. One of the other things I often do is video making and designing. The design has an important place in my work. For some projects I screen record (by example, for my speed modeling videos), and in real life, I film using cameras. That way I can play several roles, as cameraman, director, video editor and even sound editor.