About me


I’m a multidisciplinary artist who practice 3D, animation, videos, video projections, design and programming. I study to become an art teacher, too. My artistic practice goes from programming to 3D, passing through other mediums such as video, drawing, special effects, etc. The video projection projects are recurring in my practice, as immersive installations for instance.

Sometimes, I work in collaboration with other artists or with institutions. I like working in a group, because it pushes you to go beyond.

What kind of programming ?

I often use Processing for my interactive projects, it’s quite intuitive. I make Object-oriented programming (or OOP, for short). I also use PureData, that I put in relation with Processing. I also learned to use HTML, CSS and a Javascript base, for web purpose.

What about 3D?

For the 3D part, I use several softwares like Blender , Maya and Cinema 4D. I like to create 3D model from scratch, starting from modeling, continue with UV, textures painting (or generating), rigging, … to the final result, the rendering with the lighting setup. I’m a 3D generalist.

Recently, I started to 3D print objects with my Creality Ender 3 3D printer. I slowly begin to make project using 3D printing methods.


I’m someone who try and do a lot of things, I can’t stay in place. One of the other things I often do is video making or infography. For some projects I screen record (by example, for my speed modeling videos), and in real life, I film using cameras. That way I can play several roles, as cameraman, director, video editor and even sound editor.