End of School

2012 – 2013 were my last years of school, I was in general education, studies of languages. When I had free time, I used to create projects. Huge projects, because I was alone. I’ve tried to find more sources, inspirations for my projects and at this time I was always watching Pirates Movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Theses two projects are unskilful, but it’s still a part of my past.

Organ Church (…)

Again, a lot of cameras movements, not natural yet. We can see here something new, the Dof (deph of Field, blury background). Of course, the textures were badly integrated and the specular aspect looks like plastic.


The Black Heart (…)

That was one of my longest projects ever made. The idea was to create a pirate boat, and everything else on board. It took me month to achieve that boat and all the objects, there were the boat itself, the captain’s quarter, the deck, the cabins, (…) and all the textures, more than 100. Not optimized at all, in fact.

So, above you can see 3 videos, 2 during the creation, and the last at the end of te project. I’ve started it in 2012 but it was finished in 2013.


“No cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it”

-Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean)-

Mickael Boitte 2012

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