Some old projects of 2011

I was 16 years old, 5 years after my failure with Blender. I’ve used Sketchup a few years (modeling bases, …) before using Cinema 4D. I already had good bases with After effects, but my projects were more like tentatives, not finished or enough well done.

O.V.N.I crashed in a building

It was a kind of test, using solid collision (wooden planks) and gravity simulation.


3D apartment in NY

That’s a mix of camera movements exercise and atmosphere creation (night, in a NY room).


The Obscure Corridor

It’s inspired by the game called “Obscure”, it’s also an exercise for camera movements animation (fps view) and ambience creation (horror).


3D Tron creation

That was a kind of tribute for Tron’s movies, inspired by Tron Legacy.



All these projects are now in my personal archive. The video quality isn’t well at all (very bad compression format) and the creations a bit clumsy, but it proves that you have to start somewhere to improve your work !

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”

– Ralph Marston –

Mickael Boitte 2011

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