My opinion about Sketchfab

Sketchfab is a really interesting website for hosting 3d models & animations. You can of course see models online without registration, as visitor. There are plenty of models, from amateur to professional and you can navigate through the models, turn around, zoom and more.

Virtual Reality


There is also a VR (virtual reality) option for exploring the models as like you were there, and that’s just fantastic. By example, I’ve posted a 3D setting of my project “Last Breath”, a small abandonned town with a character walking on the street. I’ve tried the VR option with my phone, and that was very satisfying (and a bit creepy) seeing my project like that.



So, I think that Sketchfab is a very good way to show your 3D works. It’s more interesting that a simple video ( even if it’s a good way), because you can interact with the model itself, turn around like a statue in a Museum.

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