The project

French documentation on anwiki.

3 objects have been selected from a vast collection. These objects, which are usually perceived in a set of many other objects, are now highlighted, each with a different personality. Between a bucket a little shy, an urn with a big lung and a slightly crazy statuette, life in the museum quickly becomes thrilling. The project was made in collaboration with the Mariemont Museum.

Gavin Sobnack also created a project in connection with the museum collection : “Of flesh and ceramics”

How this works ?

Deformations of 3 objects / museum works, previously scanned with a Kinect and Skanect software. They will be projected on crates, the size of which varies according to the object. It is a direct relation to the archives, to the system of museum transport as the world sees it, and at the same time to a relation to the means used to put forward an object (the box is made of a base).

Calibration and mask for the mapping :

Scan process using Skanect and a Xbox 360 Kinect :

Final result of mapping



Mickael Boitte 2017

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