Statement of intent

The goal of the project is to combine sound and visual, to work in symbiosis the senses of sight and hearing. The project is a musical performance with 6 hands, 4 on the piano and 2 on the computer, all contextualized in a dark room where the public can walk, to live an experience, a journey, through the sound and the image and play on his perception, his balance.

The project is a collaboration between 2 musicians artists, Apolline Jesupret & Floriane Gégard, and me as a digital artist.



Interactive and immersive installation with an acoustic piano. A microphone is placed on the piano case to capture the sound of the notes played. By analyzing the sound, some data will be extracted in real time to interact directly with the visual. At the same time, manual manipulation will be performed using a MIDI controller.


  • The visual is created and manipulated according to a pre-existing musical repertoire. The music, the sound, determines the visual.
  • The musical interpretation begins with an improvisation nourishing the visual but  will gradually influence the improvisation game. At any moment, each support influences the other.

For the digital creation, two softwares are used : Pure Data and Processing. This last is used to generate the visual, through programming, while Pure Data serves as a communication relay between the sound, the computer and the midi controller. There are two uses of Pure Data:

  • analyze the sound and transmit its data to Processing.
  • communication between the midi controller and Processing.


Pictures :

Records :


Mickael Boitte 2017

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