Recently, I decided to change my 3D habits. I always used Cinema 4D for most of my projects, but then I realised that I wasn’t happy with it. The CPU render system of C4D made my sick, and some other little things too. So, I migrated to Blender, and now I’m happy with it. I’ll soon make an article about my recent software change and why I prefered choosing Blender instead of Cinema 4D.


Randall was entirely made in Blender, from scratch. The modeling, the rigging, the texturing, everything was made in this open-source software. I can say that Randall Boggs is my very first 100% Blender project.

Some screenshots of the project file :




Final result (rendered in Cycles) :



All the process was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, here is the creation of Randall in three videos :






And the best thing about it is that my model is FREE to download on Sketchfab ! And this is a preview of what does look like Randall in VR in front of you. Creepy.



Mickael Boitte 2018

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