3D small village


For this particular project, I was inspired by my region, from where I live. I live in Belgium, in a small village near the city of Mons, in what we call the “borinage”, an ancient coal mining area. The architectural style is quite notable because almost all the houses are in a row. There a lot of old in-a-row houses, sometimes you can see a renovate one, but the most of the time they are like 100 years old (for instance, mine was build in 1890!).


As I said in another article, I decided to pass to Blender. All the modeling process (and the UV wrapping) was made in it, so. The buildings are quite low poly, the details will be in the texture work.


For the texturing part I’ve preferably choose Substance Painter instead of painting directly into Blender. I started with a house, the corner house (it’s the most detailed one) and I’ve done all the building on the main street. I tried to vary the houses style.



All the buildings are now textured. There are also a few more objects on the street (trashcan, gargabe, fire hydrant, …)

Here is another try for the render. As you can see, there are new cars on the road, too. On the left, a Mercedes Benz W123 I bought from the user quaz30 on the Sketchfab Store, and on the right a Peugeot 205 GTi I made recently.


The main character was added to the scene, with a first pose. She’s smoking, but the cigarette wasn’t correct (too much light source).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The cigarette was remade with a better texture and light process.


Animations (WIP)

Mickael Boitte 2019


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