In 2015, I made a Stormtrooper using Cinema 4D. I’ve done a lot of things that year, especially about Star Wars, but I wasn’t as trained as now, with more experience. So, I decided to remake the stormtrooper using Blender this time. He’s way more details, and more correct, too. In fact, I’m very proud of the result, it looks now like a real one, not a toy.


I started with the helmet, completely redone using new blueprints found on the Internet, and by looking at my full-size wearable helmet replica. The first model was…deformed. It was like the helmet was passed under a truck wheels.


I do own lots of Star Wars collectibles, like starships, vehicles, toys and action figures. I’ve a big size action figure of a Stormtrooper that helped me with some parts of the armour. Even the blaster was remade !



I UV-unwrapped the model with Blender, and made the bakes for the diffuse map base, too.

This time, I tried to make the texture maps by myself using only Photoshop. There are 3 maps on my model :

  • diffusion map (or albedo)
  • roughness map (or glosiness)
  • normal map


The rig system is quite simple. There are a bit more of 20 bones in fact. The armour isn’t organic, so the deformations are limited. The final result is very satisfying, but not perfect. The next step should be adding “shape keys” to correct some intersections in the mesh, but it’ll be for another time, I’m proud of the model as he is.


The final renders were made with Cycles.



Mickael Boitte 2018

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