The model

The Peugeot 205 GTI is the first car I made with Blender. I’ve made other cars with Cinema 4D in the past, but this time I tried a new challenge : make it low poly, using bakes and normal maps, like in the video game industry.

On left, the mesh without bake / On right, the mesh with high poly bake normal map


The model is low poly and could be use in realtime applications like video games, VR and AR app. For the textures, the size goes from 1024px to 2048px, in PBR (diffuse, roughness, metallic, normal).


Here you can see the textures (rendering, albedo, roughness, normal).

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I made two other texture variations, too :

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You can see the car on sketchfab right here :



Mickael Boitte 2018

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